February 27, 2018

Google Announces Release Of Mobile Scorecard & Conversion Impact Calculator

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As part of Google’s ongoing push to help marketers and developers to improve their mobile user experience, Google announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week that it is releasing two new mobile resources: Mobile Scorecard and Conversion Impact Calculator.

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The Mobile Scorecard compares the speed of multiple websites on mobile – using Chrome User Experience report data. According to Google, the scorecard can report on thousands of websites, across 12 different countries.

Google Mobile Scorecard

The aim of the two new tools is to give marketers visuals to show to stakeholders for investment in mobile page loading speed. The second too, the Impact Calculator shows how much conversion revenue a website could miss out on due to slow loading.

Impact Calculator

Based on data from The State of Online Retail Performance Report of April 2017 which showed that every second of delay in page load times can damage conversion rates by up to 20%. The tool gives a visual, showing how the change in page load can impact revenue.

What do you think? Are the two new tools useful to your business? Let us know in the comments below.

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