Sharing personal data has pretty much become an everyday occurence for most of us who use the internet. Be it social data, contact information or actions, we share information with businesses whenever we interact with a website.

Every time consumers use their smartphones, tablets and computers to engage in activities online (shopping, banking, entertainment, social media etc), they are either consciously or subconsciously increasing their digital/data footprint. analysed findings from Mindshare, who surveyed more than 6,000 people from across the UK to better understand their attitudes towards sharing personal data. The data showed that out of all incentives for sharing data, reward points is the most enticing, with 54% winning to share their personal data in exchange for them.

Personalised rewards or recommendations (16%) is the incentive that consumers would be least enthusiastic about to exchange their personal data for.

The research also looked into where UK consumers are comfortable sharing their data, with conversations on messaging platforms leading the way with 60%, ahead of the common method of browsing websites with 51% and location with 47%.

With rewards points being the top incentive, cash rewards is a close second with 53%, followed by discount vouchers with 47%.

Cas Paton, Managing Director of commented: “With multiple organisations suffering from high-profile breaches, data now more than ever is a major consideration for consumers. As consumers comprehend what their data can reveal about them, organisations have a key role in alivating any concerns they may have. All organisations should store consumer data safely and use it only when they truly feel it will improve the experience as well as the interaction with their brand. This research certainly shows that there are certain incentives which will entice UK consumers more than others to share their personal data but when organisations use incentives – they must do so responsibly and with a clear purpose”.

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