There’s a lot of content out there! So much content that it’s almost a waste of time to create more, as most of your audience is likely to be bombarded already. What used to be considered a freebie, or a gift is now often considered an annoyance. Whereas free guides and ideas were once a rarity, which could be given away in exchange for an email address or contact details without any hesitation, many content creators struggle to get even 10 seconds of audience attention.

Facebook’s algorithm change earlier this year highlighted the fact that there is just so much out there that user experience is often damaged. With users’ social media feeds full of top 10 lists, “you won’t believe” articles and other clickbait, the company decided to put more emphasis on posts that generate discussion.

But content is still relevant, and content marketing is definitely not dying. Content creators simply need to make sure their content stands out above all the rubbish out there. Or rather, not so much the rubbish (as that falls far below the rest) but the average, the mundane and the pointless. The big question is how can marketers create content that stands out.

To find out, I asked digital marketing experts from the Go-Mash Expert Community.

Many comments focused on the first impressions. Be it the start of a video, or the headline:

“My tip is to use power words in your titles. Power words that work for me are numbers (10 tips to improve your ROI, 20 tricks to take better pictures), or words such as “awesome”, “ultimate”, “secret”, “unheard of”, “invaluable” etc. The use of powers words in your titles can make people want to click on your article’s link when they look for something on Google, instead of clicking on your competitors’ links. The more people click on your links in search results, the higher Google will rank your articles.”
Gregory Golinski –  Digital Marketing Manager at

“My biggest tip would be to create video content which engages your audience in the first second. Like our mermaid video, we started off with a balloon popping and disco music to grab the attention for our client Dr.Oetker. Create some magic with your product to differentiate yourself from competitors.”
Anne Marie Cummins – Creative Producer at Food to Film

One other key method that was highlighted is creating discussion. This would of course be a good way of getting reach via Facebook too.

“One of the best ways to generate genuine hype around your content is to start a debate and encourage discussion. Through managing content across a number of websites, we’ve tried everything to get people talking about what we write, and this has by far been the best. We all know opinion pieces will divide readers, but this isn’t always a bad thing. The best way to incite a discussion about your chosen topic is to do some research. Find a stat or a fact that contradicts with what’s normally accepted around your topic, then shape your content around this. One example of a way we used this successfully, is through discovering that vocationally trained employees in Australia get paid more than University graduates; and so a piece of content called ‘University is a Waste of Time and Here’s Why’ ensued. People debated it, they discussed the pros and cons in hundreds of comments on social media and retweeted the article far and wide. Why? Because the s tats backed up the content, but it still wasn’t a widely accepted opinion. It also stood out among the hundreds of articles that discussed the opposite. You want to generate engagement, this is by far the best way.”
Amber Candlefox

A number of responses were centred around targeting your content to your niche audience.

“I work with Eonic HK as their Community Manager. We deal with travel and outdoor gear. Ever since we began writing blog posts, we have ensured that our content is aimed at a niche market. People coming to our website are doing it organically. This means that we are hitting the right keywords in our posts and stay on point to our market. Our post on winter kayaking for instance can be found on the 1st page of Google results. My only tip to you is to cater as much to your market as possible, writing about niche content is guaranteed to ensure you are right up front with your consumers and search results.”
Kirti Manian – Community Manager at Eonic HK

Possibly the most talked about tip is to appeal to humans, rather than algorithms.

“Try and remember that humans are reading your content and not robots. You need to create content in a natural tone of voice that suits your business and more importantly its audience. Talk at a level that your desired demographic will understand and engage with, its key to successful content creation.”
Damien Buxton – Director at Midas Creative

“It’s so important to understand who your audience is – what they love, what they hate, what excites or inspires them in order to create content that they will care about. I have a blog, plus I use Facebook and Instagram for the business and I’ve found that being true to your brand and audience is rewarded with great engagement. A well-planned content strategy is the foundation to standing out.” 
Liz Jammal – Founder & Chief Cat Whisperer at Cat Lovers

“To stand out, I believe it is important to share your humanity, ie sharing your mistakes, flaws and short-comings! For example: when I recently shared my learnings from appearing on a national radio show in the UK, lots of people respected me for being so honest and real. I have been sharing a lot too recently that I was dyslexic in my content and people have been valuing my honesty! Content shock, for me is openness, honestty, humour and at the heart of it being human. Too many go for content looking and sounding perfect and it comes across as fake. To create a ‘content shock’ is really to create a powerful human emotional connection through being human, is my own view.”
Carriie Eddins

And the final piece of advice we received, came from Martin Rusis:

“Let me tell you about one secret I’ve used many times to make a piece of content stand out. It’s an amazing piece of psychological kung-fu that keeps your audience engaged as you tell them all the important points around a topic when they might otherwise tune out. This mental trick lets you, for example, list and explain product benefits without turning people off. Don’t you want to know what this attention maintaining trick is? Sure, you do. Well, see, it’s all about how you frame your point, set expectations and then withhold the crucial contextualising factor until the right time. Call it a secret that you will reveal. Call it a trick that you’ll explain. Call it a hidden gem of knowledge that most people miss because they don’t first understand A, B and C. Just talk around the fascinating thing, but bury the reveal of what it actually is until the right moment. An d if you’re still reading, I just did it to you.”
Martin Rusis – Content Writer and Editor at Mash Media

What do you think?

Are there any other pieces of advice you think should be included? Tell us in the comments below.

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