Facebook announced earlier this month that it would be introducing a feature which allows users to review businesses that advertise on its platform, and may potentially ban those that receive the highest amount of negative feedback in a step to improve its user experience.

User experience has been a big driver of change for Facebook this year, with the social network noticing changing user trends and adapting first its algorithm that positions news stories in user feeds, and now the features surrounding advertising and advertisers.

This latest move was made with the aim of cracking down on advertising that misleads users into purchasing poor quality services or goods and the businesses that advertise them. Facebook also looks to eliminate adverts for businesses that fail to delivery products within their stated shipping time.

Under the ‘Ads Activity’ tab, Facebook users can leave feedback on the ads that they viewed, with the feedback used to find advertisers that could be banned. Advertisers, however would be given the chance to improve their business practices before action is taken. As well as bans, action could include a reduction of the amount of adverts that a business can run.

In a blog post about the change, Facebook said “We believe this tool will give people more confidence in the businesses they interact with and help hold businesses more accountable for customer experiences they provide.”

Although the direct aim is to improve the customer experience, what does this mean for the future of Facebook advertising and what does it mean for businesses who rely on the platform? We asked the Go-Mash Expert Community for their views:

“On paper, Facebook’s changes seem like a win for both consumers and good businesses. Any change to improve the quality of advertising starts with good intentions. The main concerns I see are the absence of transparency to businesses and Facebook’s historic lack of arbitration on these kinds of decisions. For example, it seems possible that the system could be manipulated by competitors. It’s also possible that intentionally bad players keep creating new accounts.

“That said, marketers want a world where people don’t hate advertising. Where ads are seen as a good way to learn about new places, products or tools. Cleaning up bad players that frustrate consumers help in this mission.”
Michelle Kubot, Marketing Director at Ambrosia Treatment Center

What do you think?

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