Facebook has announced that it is looking to clarify and clean up the way that advertisers measure their ad performance, in a move to help restore advertisers’ confidence in the metrics and figures.

In a blog post, Facebook stated that businesses want more insight into their measurement tools and metrics, so they are introducing a couple of new features.

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Firstly, the social platform is adding new labels on some of their metrics to show how they are calculated. Starting today, Facebook will begin labelling some of its Ads Manager metrics as estimated or in development. The aim of this is to show advertisers how they should consider using them. The labels will appear in tool tips within Ads Manager reporting tables, as well as in the customize column selector.

Sampling or modelling is used to calculate the estimated metrics. These can be used to provide guidance, but they may be updated as Facebook gains more information. Reach is an example of an estimated metric, as put forward in the blog post.

“In order for us to report reach, we analyze the number of people who see an ad multiple times, de-duplicate them and then calculate the total number of unique people in real time. To do this quickly, we sample the data and will therefore label it as estimated. This is also how reach is calculated for ads on TV and across other digital platforms.”

Metrics that are labelled as in development could be new metrics, or those that are currently in testing, and may evolve as the advertising product and measurement methodologies are updated and improved. The metric used as an example of an in development metric is estimated ad recall lift.

The second update to Facebook’s Ad Manager metrics is the removal of some of the less helpful metrics.

This update is due to take place in July, when around 20 metrics will be removed. These are metrics that have been described as redundant, outdated, not actionable or infrequently used, but marketers. They include the social reach metric, which shows how many people saw an ad with social information about it (the text that informs users that a friend of theirs likes the advertiser). The aim is to reduce the noise.

These metrics will be removed:

  • Actions, People Taking Action, Cost per Any Action
  • Amount Spent Today
  • Button Clicks
  • Canvas Component Time Percentage
  • Carousel Card
  • Link Click Destination
  • Mobile App Actions Conversion Value
  • Page Mentions, Cost per Page Mention
  • Page Tab Views, Cost per Page Tab View
  • Positive Feedback, Negative Feedback
  • Social Reach, Social Impressions, Social Clicks (All), Unique Social Clicks (All)
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