February 16, 2018

Bing Adds Labels To Ads Editor for Dynamic Search Ads

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Bing Ads announced this week that users of its Ads Editor will be able to add labels to Dynamic Search Ads.

With the labels, users will be able to organise their information, so filtering and rule creating will become simpler. Labels could include subjects or they could refer to promotions for example. If a label is created around ‘January Sale’ all ads that relate to the January sale can be tagged.

Bing Ad Labels

Advertisers will need to create their labels in the Shared Library as free-form text. They can then apply them as needed. The Dynamic Search Ads dashboard includes a label column which shows the labels all listed next to the ads. Labels are even coloured to distinguish them, making it easier to scan read.

Dynamic Search Ads were rolled out in the UK and the United States in 2017. DSA allows Bing to serve adverts to searchers without any keywords being specified by the advertiser. The crawling algorithm assesses the content of the SERP and the advert, and shows adverts to end-users when it considers the advert to be relevant.

This is especially useful as it allows marketers to find new search terms that they may not have previously seen.

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