Cost-effective advert targeting has always been a key priority for marketers, especially digital marketers. Whilst the internet has allowed for large amounts of data to be collected, with the intention of making advertising more impactful, and increasing ROI, many marketers believe that despite this, ad targeting still lacks in capabilities.

The data from Econsultancy and Adobe from a survey concluded in December 2018, as reported by eMarketer shows that more than half of client-side marketers worldwide say that leveraging daata for more effective targeting is among their top 3 priorities this year.

Other priorities include integration of marketing tools for greated efficiency, understanding return on investment and improving customer intelligence and insights for a holistic customer view.

In a January 2019 poll of marketing industry professionals by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Winterberry Group, nearly 45% of respondents said that predictive modeling and segmentation is among the data-driven marketing tasks that will occupy most of their time this year.

With the introduction of new laws including GDPR, many marketers are finding targeting and segmenting to be difficult, as their actions are restricted.

Many see targeting and segmentation for better ROI as a huge priority.

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