There are loads of posts on Instagram. And what does that mean? It means there is a lot of competition for engagement, however it is generally quite easy to get likes on Instagram, with many following hashtags so simply clicking like on every post they see. It is, however difficult to get that extra bit of time with your audience and get real engagement.

In a world of snacking on social media, the challenge is to create content that gets people stopping and paying attention, and actually engaging. A cheap like isn’t real engagement. It’s better to get your audience to react, to learn and to get something out of seeing your Instagram posts.

How do you create more engaging posts on Instagram? I asked the Go-Mash expert community for their views:

“My primary tip is to pay attention to your visuals. Instagram, Facebook and now Pinterest being the most popular advertising platforms and the one thing they all have in common is that they are visual platforms. Pay attention to the imagery you are putting out. It needs to not only be high quality but also creative. The idea is to stop people in their feed, make them take note of your picture. Once you have caught their eye they are more likely to read any comments, engage and ultimately follow a call to action. So even if it means hiring a photographer or investing in a little set up at home make sure you are showing your brand or product in the best light and don’t be afraid to get creative – this is what will make you stand out from the crowd.”
Alexandra Reagan- AuRa Socials

“If you add a witty description, your post is more likely to gain attention over a boring generic message. Tying in with trending events like the World Cup or Royal Wedding (using appropriate hashtags) is likely to gain more engagement. Be careful you don’t say anything stupid or controversial though, as this could end in negative sentiment for your brand/business or even personal page.”
Jessica Hodkinson- Online PR Pixie

“Instagram users need to be given a reason to interact with your posts in order for engagement to improve. Arty and attractive pictures are a great start, but this doesn’t necessarily guarantee that people will interact with them. You need to stimulate engagement by posting content that organically incites user-generated content. For example, a restaurant might post a picture showing the dishes from a particular section of their menu, and then ask users which one their favourite is in the caption. Asking questions like this encourages users to interact, making posts more engaging.”
Steve Pritchard – Digital Marketing Consultant at

“The image is crucial. It can’t be understated that a clear, well cropped and proportionate image is paramount for engagement. Use only a few hashtags, not to spam and upset the newest algorithm updates. 
Immediately click on your hashtags after posting and comment and like other posts for a solid 0/15mins. Will surge much more awareness and viability for your post, and encourage others to view, comment and like tour posts. Giving to receive is vital on Instagram.”
Brett Downes – SEO Manager at Traffic Jam Media

What do you think?

What are your top tips for engaging posts on Instagram? Tell us in the comments below.

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