Twitter has become less talked about this year, compared to other social media platforms. Whilst it is still used actively, it has been overshadowed by the likes of Instagram. Is it still relevant for marketing? can it still be useful? What are the best uses for Twitter in marketing in 2019?

To find out, we asked the Go-Mash Expert Community for their input:


Benjamin Houy from told us this golden nugget:

‘One of the most powerful uses of Twitter as a marketing tool is the #journorequest hashtag. I monitor it every day and offering helpful answers to journalists’ queries has already helped me build dozens of quality backlinks.’


Sacha Brant from writes:

“Among the social media professionals, there still seems to be a divide on Twitter. On the one hand, some folks are still engaged and using it and finding success. However, that’s not everyone. We tell business owners to think of it this way – Twitter is good for the very short term info, like events and updates. If your business has a need to relay in-the-moment thoughts, ideas or events, Twitter will likely still be a viable place for you.”


William Grau from gave us some serious info:


  • Too many companies are using Twitter for information sharing and for the impression capacity of a hashtag. These practices are good, but there are ways for companies to greatly optimize their presence on Twitter by improving their interactions with the public. Twitter offers an opportunity to interact on a very personal basis with each and every supporter of the brand. The built-in search engine even allows you to find all the activities and publications related to the brand. This is an opportunity to interact with the public’s reactions and reviews.
  • The argument that Twitter is an extremely powerful tool for live event coverage is still highly relevant. Twitter allows a business to directly interact with its community live from their favorite events. Naturally this emphasizes the sense of belonging and collaboration to the brand. A sentiment highly advocated by millenials.
  • Twitter still offers an opportunity to expand the audience of a company that is difficult to find on other social networks like Facebook and Instagram. Indeed, Twitter allows an account to interact with other accounts, even if these individuals are not in a subscription situation. The possibilities are unlimited, and the reach of a Twitter account goes well beyond the number of followers!
  • Video content is on the rise and is dominating content marketing. Twitter is one of the fastest growing advertising options when it comes to video content. This is a great way to increase the engagement of your publications while reducing engagement costs. As a digital marketer, you just have to make sure to keep your audience happy, and also keep your content mobile friendly.


Marianna Boguslavsky, digital strategist at also focuses on engaging in conversations:

”Twitter is phenomenal for B2B brands – especially if engaging in conversations & providing input into higher-level strategy discussions.”



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